“MAR 7 BUCKET 30” (S001CA01)

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medium-capacity freestanding bag stores up to 361 ft of 11 mm diameter rope

Made up of durable nylon, this rope bag holds up to four ropes and is designed to suit all rope access jobs. Produced with abrasion-resistant material and spacious rope compartments for easy access.

Come with a free-standing design with comfortable shoulder straps for proper support during rough handling. Excellent XL handle for over-the-shoulder carrying and easy support.

Rescue equipment should be designed taking into account the sensitivity of the application. That’s why we make sure that all our rescue gadgets and equipment surpass quality and safety standards. Our extensive Rope rescue equipment range contains the safest and most functional tools for your most adventurous rescues and outdoor activities. Available in two sizes: 28 and 35 liters.

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Detailed description

Best Feature Of Rope Rescue Equipment 

•Unlike regular rope bags that are flexible and collapsible, constructed with a rigid frame or reinforced walls.
•The rigid construction provides stability, preventing it from tipping over easily. This feature is handy when you need quick access to your climbing rope without the bag toppling or spilling its contents.
•The rigid structure allows you to easily coil the rope back into the bag and secure it, saving time and effort at the climbing site.
•The bag’s fabric is typically resistant to abrasion, tearing, and weather elements, ensuring it can withstand rough handling and effectively protect the contents.
•Padded shoulder straps, grab handles, or even backpack-style harnesses, allowing you to carry the bag comfortably.
•This structure allows the bag to maintain its shape and stand upright even when empty or partially loaded.


      • Material(s): polyester, polyurethane.


Weight: 680 g

Volume: 35 liters

Guarantee: 3 years

Inner Pack Count: 1



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